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BoxQ is your trusted source for reliable, safe, and secure electronics recycling & data destruction.

Since 1999, BoxQ has been the trusted choice for both businesses and consumers when it comes to recycling their outdated or non-performing electronics. In addition, BoxQ has been a long time specialist in the secure destruction of all electronic data.

  • We are skilled professionals whose years of experience will assure you that when we take on a project you know it will get done right and on time.
  • We are fully insured so you can budget for the project and have the peace of mind to know that we bring in every project on budget and on time. In addition, assumes full liability of all equipment and our automated system will generate all of the related paperwork so you can be on your way that much faster!
  • Help protect the environment because we never take anything to the landfills. We ensure that your equipment is recycled so as to not cause damage to the environment or cause harmful pollutants to endanger wildlife or water supplies.
  • We will destroy your data properly and expertly so that you will never have to worry about your sensitive personal or company data falling into the wrong hands.

Electronics Recycling with BoxQ

BoxQ continues to lead the way as a respected full service electronics recycler and reseller and have always provided cost effective solutions to e-waste management

The most important reason to let BoxQ handle your recycling and data destruction needs is peace of mind.

It is the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you have placed your trust in skilled and experienced hands.

Electronics recycling is an investment in your future.